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Every time you go to a store now, a worker has to wipe down the counter with some brand of disinfectant spray. Almost every surface a person touches could have

QUARANTINE CLEAN: Dressing for Yourself

With COVID-19 forcing many of us to stay home, dressing for yourself has become a resounding trend. Introspection and self-care have been some of the positive outcomes of the global

QUARANTINE CLEAN: Sustainability

Having sustainable efforts or intentions is no longer enough. It’s now time to look at what sustainability in action looks like. Sustainability is pushing fashion in the direction of closed-circuit


The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter on Earth, just behind the oil and gas industry. Textiles such as leather and cotton require the use of large amounts of

3D Printing

Due to recent advancements it now only takes hours to print an entire garment as opposed to days – when technology was first introduced.  There are so many ways in


Online shopping has been the saving grace to many retailers during the coronavirus crisis. Retailers were forced to close their doors for most of March and all of April, making

slow living

When COVID hit, our normal fast-paced hustle and bustle lives came to a screeching halt. After spending months at home, Slow Living has since become a huge trend that so


Masks have become a vital tool in stopping the spread of Coronavirus. Many studies have shown that masks effectively block the respiratory droplets that we spread in the air when

life framed in a sketchbook.

Kayneisha Holloway, a Columbus native, has always found refuge in her art. She grew up in King-Lincoln and Bronzeville until the age of 11 when it was redeveloped and her

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Streetwear has long been one of the most influential styles in the fashion industry. Recognizable by pieces such as hoodies,

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Wearable Tech

Wearable technology has been a fast-growing trend for the last several years now. Many influential fashion brands have partnered with

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