3D Printing

Due to recent advancements it now only takes hours to print an entire garment as opposed to days – when technology was first introduced.  There are so many ways in which technology has innovated the industry – one of these ways is 3D printing. This works by superimposing a fine layer of material to make a distinct object. 3D printing technology is quickly becoming a vital tool in the fashion industry and one that will dramatically change the way clothing is produced and sold. 3D printing is currently mostly being utilized in the luxury fashion market. The most exciting possibilities for 3D printing will be when it is adopted by mass-market retailers. Designer Iris Van Herpen was an early adopter of this technology and has used it in all of her collections to create many of her ethereal, nature-inspired haute couture pieces. Another example of a designer using 3D printing for luxury pieces is Zac Posen. At the 2019 MET Gala he created a stunning dress that resembled a blooming rose which was completely 3D printed. 

An additional value to 3D printing is the contribution to sustainability. The process creates no textile waste, and no garment would need to be discarded due to human error. Retailers and brands would no longer have to rely on global supply chains and they could produce all clothing on site. The sustainability component of 3D Printing is one that sets the process apart from the rest.

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