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The wealth of talent Columbus possesses is what makes us the powerhouse we are. An example of this is, former corporate fashion executive, Jillian Apgar. Through her family’s incredible journey she identified a gap in the market – silk bedding to provide a solution to dry skin and tangled hair. After she adopted her daughter Cora, she noticed that her child was waking up with tangled hair and dry skin due to the cotton bed sheets. With her 12 years of experience as a retail merchandiser, Apgar decided to develop her own brand instead of continuing the search for the perfect product, which was nowhere to be found. Coco Beans is a product of this gap, which sells 100% natural fiber silk crib sheets.

When COVID-19 hit and new opportunities became limited, Apgar decided that this would be the perfect time to showcase her brand. In October 2020, she was able to successfully launch a $25K iFundWomen presale campaign to fund the first bulk order. She received 143 orders and has now expanded to include 3 additional designs.

In our growing industry, it is always important to connect with and assist others that hold similar passions and values. With an effort to support her community of women, Apgar chose to collaborate with a couple of women who helped bring her vision of Coco Beans to life. They are able to assist the shop in different ways, from print design to overseas production. This group of women is a great example of how different creators and specialists can come together and create a successful brand.

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