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Panel 3 Collective ID

Collective ID

CALLING ALL INDEPENDENT DESIGNERS. Collective ID is a quarterly event focused on learning how to profit and what tools are needed to succeed in the new era of fashion.

conversation w/ networking hour to follow

future of fashion summer internship


Education is invaluable and we believe that the learning never stops. We seek to provide learning experiences throughout all that we offer.


This pivotal part of any process requires attention and dedication to ensure that the product delivered is at its best. With our Production & Design Labs, we seek to support Columbus creatives with creating-spaces equipped with industry grade equipment.


Innovation can be defined in many ways yet all with the same conclusion- to reinvent or rethink the way in which things are done. Fashion is an industry that is constantly asking “What’s next?” in trends and style but we need to extend that question into all areas of the industry- from the creative side to the business side. That is exactly what this pillar is here to do- to push boundaries and ways of thinking.​


How we experience things has been rapidly changing from the shift in how retail is experienced  to the high demand for safety precautions. Now more than ever, creating an experience for our consumers has become the key of a successful brand. We are dedicated to help our artists curate incredible fashion experiences for their audiences.


We are a collective of creatives passionate about the fashion industry in Columbus, Ohio. Our goal, as a fashion based non-profit, is to support the creation and growth of creatives and fashion based business through multiple facets. If you would like to support the continuation of creative growth in Columbus please feel free to donate through Columbus Foundation’s Giving Store.