“Since the pandemic I’ve bought more comfy clothes than I ever have before.” – pretty much everyone on the planet right now.

Spiked sales in sweatpants and suits have been reported by retailers, driving the leisurewear trend to grow even faster than it already was. Entireworld, a basics brand created by designer Scott Sternberg, has perfected the sweat suit. Channeling a 70s leisure vibe, Entireworld’s sweat suits come in a myriad of rainbow colors. Sternberg’s vision for the suit “sort of makes you look like a cross between a Teletubbie, Ben Stiller in The Royal Tenenbaums, and a J.C Penney ad from 1979,” – he told the New York Times. Entireworld seems to have chosen the perfect time to sell a sweat suit. At the end of March their sales were up 662% from this same time last year. The brand grossed more money in the months of March and April then in its entire first year in business. The coveted sweat suits have continued to sell out and have been released in several new pastel hues. 

            Brands who formerly did not focus on leisure clothing are scrambling to put out this type of product so they can entice customers to buy and not fall into financial trouble. The fast fashion brand Uniqlo has shifted its focus on more comfortable and practical everyday clothes rather than more on trend pieces.  Their stay at home clothes, which include stretchy jogging pants and oversized t-shirts helped the brand, “have a 4% rise in domestic same-store sales, including online purchases,” according to the BOF.

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