Masks have become a vital tool in stopping the spread of Coronavirus. Many studies have shown that masks effectively block the respiratory droplets that we spread in the air when we speak and that comes out of our noses, helping prevent the spread of the disease. In light of this research, many state officials have put in place mask orders in their states. This has created a huge surge in demand for masks. 

This new demand has led many fashion brands to get into the mask manufacturing business.

What once seemed like a temporary trend could become a long-term necessity that will generate in a lot of revenue. According to the BOF, “Etsy sold 12 million face masks, with sellers collecting roughly $133 million. KeyBank predicts the retailer could see sales of masks approach $9 billion in the US alone.” 

Masks are being sold at a wide variety of price points. At American Eagle Outfitters right now a pack of three simple printed fabric masks is being sold for $9.95. In contrast to that Christian Siriano is selling a black pearl-encrusted mask that is being sold for $525. 

Some brands and sellers are getting creative with the styling and the accessorizing possibilities masks give. Many Depop sellers have started making a matching set of a bucket hat and a mask or a scrunchie and a mask. One of the coolest ways masks were styled recently was by Lady Gaga at the MTV music awards. She wore multiple distinctive looks that night and each was outfitted with an equally distinctive mask. Some of the most notable was a mask with large horns on it and one that looked like either an astronaut helmet or a fishbowl. 

Interestingly there have not been a lot of mask looks for Spring 2021 ready-to-wear season. A notable exception to this was Rick Owens’ show. Every single model’s look was outfitted with a mask. “A mask kind of works with my clothes,” Owens said, “but it’s also a vote. It’s also promoting the consideration of others. You might not believe in a mask, but it sends the right message.” 

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